I, more than anyone, should be rooting against Tabac Bar. When I moved into a flat in Kentish Town this fall, my landlord promised the restaurant space on the ground floor would be near silent. Three weeks ago, the opening night proved this to be an empty promise. I can hear the thumps of songs and the laughs of parties from my room two floors above. But, in the spirit of opportunity, I decided to hold my judgement until I tried it out myself.

The concept– an affordable French bar with interesting wines, boutique cocktails, and light snacks– did sound appealing after all.


Tabac: the new bar from Patron is open. A quirky neighbourhood café-bar has opened on Fortess Road.

“Amazingly the site at 16 Fortess Road used to be a tobacconist, and of course we’re keeping the original sign. We’ll have our own reclaimed illuminated Tabac light outside highlighting the way.”



Out and about: Tabac

In need of post-festive pick me up or a treat to kick the January Blues, Kentish Town's newest drinking nook - the charming and French bar Tabac - provides as the perfect winter hideaway.

Holding true to ‘the French way’, the wine and exquisite cocktails take primary focus on the menu. However, unlike many of it’s London neighbours, Tabac offers exceptional value for money with French wine served by the glass, filled to the brim and starting from as little as £3.50.

7 places to enjoy a taste of France in the UK this winter. A cosy new French-inspired drinking den is bringing a taste of Paris to London. Tabac has been created on the site of an old tobacconist shop and has kept the original sign along with a glowing new neon sign from France. It will serve wine, aperitifs and spirits along with a snack menu of cheese and charcuterie boards, pâté, olives, nuts and saucisson. It is the brainchild of Londoner Tanzi Ellison and Frenchman Jean-Francois Pioc, whose past successes include Soho’s Café Gourmand and Patron Cave à Manger which sits a few doors up from Tabac.